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Our focus moving forward is on providing FREE strength, fitness, and conditioning training in the community. In February 2020, we started our first indoor training facility, providing free strength and fitness training to Coatesville youth and young adult athletes. Then in the Summer of 2022, we opened up a new Strength and Conditioning Indoor facility located right in the heart of town.

Since the opening of this new building, remodeling has been underway. With the addition of newly painted walls and all red turf, the next steps of our 'Legacy Phase' has begun. We are now in the process of gaining back the support of both old and new sponsors to get more accurate and better equipped gym apparatus' so that we can train our athletes at the highest level.

The whole idea of our newest addition, the 'Legacy Phase', is to inspire our athletes to leave their mark within this organization. Our goal is that not only do they get everything out of what we are trying to accomplish, but that one day they come and give back to their community and the place they call home. Here, Scott Field Project is HOME.

You can find our gym at 221 Lumber Street, Coatesville, PA.

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